About Us

Est. 2007

Founded in 2007 as the Human Rights Council, we have been committed to educating the campus and local community about a variety of human rights issues. We became a part of Associated Students and were renamed as the Human Rights Committee and now the Human Rights Board. Since then we have held a yearly Human Rights Week in which we invite not only groups on our campus but also ones from around the world to highlight issues they feel are especially pertinent. In addition, we have offered funding to any registered UCSB group whose events embody our mission statement.

Mission Statement

The University of California, Santa Barbara Human Rights Board serves as a forum centered on facilitating and amplifying the interaction of students groups – both within UCSB and our greater community. The Board recognizes their mission of inclusivity by creating a forum that encourages, advocates, and promotes respectful and honest communication regarding the education and awareness of basic human rights principles. This includes, but is not limited to issues of age, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, nationality, religion, race, size, sex, and sexuality. The main charge of the board is to promote open education and awareness through events, forums and educational campaigns.

The driving force behind this initiative is twofold: That ignorance is the primary root of human rights abuses, and when collaborating together we are capable of making a much stronger impact.

Meet The Board

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Office Hours

Vicki's Office Hours Tuesdays 12-3 in AS Main.

Rachel's Office Hours Wednesdays 3-6 in AS Main.